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Home Science

Do you enjoy cooking, nutrition, food science and housekeeping? Do like to involve in-home management activities? If yes, you should consider a career in Home science.

Home science is the science of a home, and it includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources. It is the education for “better living”, and the core of this education is the family ecosystem.

Home science deals with the science of food and utilization of the resources at home for their efficient use.  It is the study of all the home-related resources utilized by family members like food, nutrition, clothing, hygiene etc. The ultimate aim of home science is to improve the quality of family life. Home science is a combination of science and art. It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for the person and their family members through the efficient and scientific use of your resources. It gives the person all the knowledge of the scientific procedures involved in making a home beautiful.

What are the roles and responsibilities in Home Science?

  • Plan diets or guide individuals or families in food selection, preparation, or menu planning, based upon nutritional needs.
  • Administer bedside or personal care like personal hygiene assistance.
  • Maintain food safety and standards.
  • Schedule Home maintenance and repair work.
  • Work with clothes, fabrics, metals, textiles etc.
  • Develop fabrics for clothing and textile.

What are the key skills required for Home Science?

  • Social Skills
  • Food & Nutrition

What are the career opportunities in Home Science?

  • Food Science
  • Manager
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Production Industry

What is the salary and demand for Home Science?

  • Demand is Medium for Home Science.
  • Salary levels are Low for Home Science. For fresher average salary is lesser than 3 Lacs.
  • Fees levels of the course is Low. To pursue this course student need to spend lesser than 2 Lakhs.
  • Level of preparation for Home Science is Low. Students spend lesser than 1 year. to prepare for entrance test of Home Science.

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