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Ever wondered what Earth is made of? How it evolved? Does Geology as a subject fascinate you? If yes, then you should consider a career in Geologist.

A geologist is a professional who studies the Earth. What material is the  Earth made of? What is the structure of these materials?

A geologist also studies the origin of Earth and its material and their evolution. They also study the organisms that have inhabited the planet.  This study helps the geologist to predict that natural or humanmade disasters that took place in past. Also, this helps in understanding the climate patterns of past, current and future.

The study of geology includes,

  • Mineralogy (the study of minerals),
  • Palaeontology (the study of fossils),
  • Structural Geology (the study of forces working on the earth’s crust),
  • Geomorphology (the study of the formation of the earth’s crust with its various landforms).

Example: Some of the famous Indian geologists are Darashaw Nosherwan, Khadg Singh Valdiya, Birbal Sahni, Rabi Narayan Bastia, Dasika Durga Prasada Rao, and Pramatha Nath Bose.

What are the roles and responsibilities for Geologist?

    • Geologists study the earth’s history, composition & structure.
    • Geologists play an essential part in the exploration, preservation and cleaning up of the environment.
    • Research and carry out a scientific study with organizations involved in geological work who locate physical data and material for study from near the earth’s surface and in the sea.
    • Identify rocks, minerals, and fossils.
    • Conduct geological surveys, construct maps measure the earth’s gravity and magnetic field.
    • Geologists research for locating oil, natural gas and minerals.
    • Work in laboratories to study samples from the earth or seabed. 


What are the key skills required for Geology?

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Office

What are the career opportunities in Geology?

  • Geohydrologist
  • Hydrologist
  • Marine Geologist
  • Mineralogist
  • Petrologist
  • Seismologist

What is the salary and demand for Geologist?

  • Demand is Medium for Geology.
  • Salary levels are Medium for Geology. For fresher average salary is 3 to 4 Lacs.
  • Fees levels of the course is Low. To pursue this course student need to spend lesser than 2 Lakhs.
  • Level of preparation for Geology is High. Students spend more than 1 Year. to prepare for entrance test of Geology

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