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Design & Arts


Are you the photographer of your group? Do you love experimenting with different angles, filters and light effect while clicking a photo? Is photography more than a hobby for you? Is it your passion? If yes, why not make this your career.   Photography is one of those exciting professions where you can turn your …

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Product Designing

Do you love designing and creating new things? Can you visualize different objects in your head? If yes, you should consider a career in product designing. Product designing is all about designing creative products that will be used by consumers. These products can be housewares, furniture, plastic items, industrial products, digital products etc. Product designer …

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Performing Arts

Do you love singing, acting, dancing? Have you ever thought about converting your hobby into your career?  If Yes, you should consider a career in performing arts. These are different options available under Performing arts Music or Singer A song makes every mood better. If you amaze others with your voice and singing, then just …

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Graphical Designing

Are you a creative person? Do you enjoy designing creative visual content? Do you enjoy making creative content using computer software? If yes, you should consider graphic design as a career path for yourself!   Graphical designers are professionals who can communicate their ideas with their audience through visual means. These visual impacts are created …

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Interior Designing

Do you always work in making the interior of your room look appealing? Are you always spellbound by the interiors of hotels, buildings, apartments etc.? If yes, you already are on the track of becoming an interior designer!  An interior designer is someone who works with regards to the client’s needs to create a visually …

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Fashion Designing

Are you fascinated by the latest fashion trends? Do you want to design designer clothes? Does the feeling of your designs being shown in a fashion week, give you the rush? If yes, you should consider a career in fashion designer.    A fashion designer designs creative clothes, accessories and jewellery. Passion is the key …

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