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Are you a creative person? Do you also like communicating with people? Do you love an idea to promote a product or service using your creativity and communications? If yes, you should consider a career in advertising.


An advertisement is a marketing tool used by advertising professionals of conveying the message to the large audience. Advertising professional use this tool to grab the attention of the consumers towards the product, service or a social issue. It helps the company to establish brand identity, loyalty and credibility of their product or service.

Advertisement can be done through newspaper, magazines, radio, internet, posters, events, press, television and hoardings.


Example: Airtel 4G Ad with the airtel girl, Amul advertise their icecream using their mascot- Amul girl

What are the roles and responsibilities in Advertising?


  • Advertisers initiate market research, study and analyze their findings to understand customer and demographics.
  • They gather and organize information to plan advertising campaigns.
  • Plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products and services. 
  • Work with customers, company officials, sales departments, and advertising agencies.
  • Inspect layouts and advertising copy and edit scripts, audio and videotapes, and other promotional material for adherence to specifications.
  • Assist with annual budget development.
  • Confer with department heads or staff to discuss topics such as contracts, selection of advertising media, or product to be advertised.
  • Coordinate with the media to disseminate advertising.
  • Advertisers coordinate activities of departments, such as sales, graphic arts, media, finance, and research.
  • Plan and execute advertising policies and strategies for organizations.
  • Direct, motivate and monitor the mobilization of a campaign team to advance campaign goals.
  • Prepare budgets and submit estimates for program costs as part of campaign plan development.
  • They contact organizations to explain services and facilities offered.
  • Monitor and analyze sales promotion results to determine the cost-effectiveness of promotion campaigns.
  • Identify and develop contacts for promotional campaigns and industry programs that meet identified buyer targets, such as dealers, distributors, or consumers.
  • Track program budgets, expenses, and campaign response rates to evaluate each campaign based on program objectives and industry norms.
  • Read trade journals and professional literature to stay informed on trends, innovations, and changes that affect media planning. 

What are the key skills required for Advertising?

  • Media Management
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Advertising space management
  • Digital marketing

What are the career opportunities in Advertising?

  • Advertising Manager (Ad Manager)
  • Advertising Sales Manager
  • Classified Advertising Manager
  • Communications Director
  • Communications Manager
  • Creative Services Director
  • Marketing and Promotions Manager
  • Promotions Director
  • Promotions Manager
  • Brand Manager

What is the salary and demand for Advertising?

  • Demand is High for Advertising.
  • Salary levels are High for Advertising. For fresher average salary is more than 5 Lacs.
  • Fees levels of the course is High. To pursue this course student need to spend more than 5 Lakhs.
  • Level of preparation for Advertising is High. Students spend more than 1 Year. to prepare for entrance test of Advertising.

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